Sunday, March 11, 2012

La La La La La Kerja Kerja Ha Ha

Assalamualaikum my beloved reader,

Praise be to Allah Taala for giving us nikmat. Alhamdulillah. 

I'm quite busy just now with Assignment + lecture + tutorial + programmes

Last week I'm going to the leadership camp. 

It is Program Transformasi Kepimpinan Mahasiswa USIM which is recommended by my faculty,
Faculty Of Leadership And Management.
Islamic Science University Of Malaysia, USIM

The camp was held at U.S. 

U.S ? ? ? It's not United States .. 

Actually the camp was held at Ulu Sepri, Kem Bina Negara Ulu Sepri, Rembau Negeri Sembilan
2 March  until 4 March 2012. 

Alhamdulillah, it's a nice camp and I've got many things during the leadership camp. 
They're 33 students involved in this leadership programmes as they deputized their programmes. 
They're from Akidah & Religion Studies, Communication, Counseling and Dakwah & Islamic Management. 
My friend and I deputized our programme, Akidah And Religion Studies. Only two of us. But, it's ok. 

They were so many interesting programmes such as ice breaking, Team Building work, presentation on how we describes the things around us based on leadership perspective, jungle tracking, presentation on how to be a leader and choose a leader, and others. 

Batu Hampar Damp 
 See this picture .. I took this picture while we're having our jungle tracking during our second day programme. 
The unique thing is, our camp located nearby to the damp. 
It's beautiful. Nice scenery. For the first time, I saw the damp in front of my eyes.
Ketinggian 127 M .. quite high right ? 

Scenery area Batu Hampar Damp

Walk here .. to Batu Hampar Damp

This is my group members. Pipi's group. 

This is the Lip Group members. 

This is "US"
Students of Akidah & Religion Studies
Year 1 & Year 2
Only few pictures that I can show you. 
I got many new things from this leadership camp. Even, if we're not afford to lead the other, whatever happen at least we could lead ourself. 
Everyone is a leader in this world. We're Khalifah. Am I right ? 
Remember that.
Kita adalah sebaik-baik kejadian yang diciptakan Allah sebagai khalifah in this world. 

So that's for Leadership Camp.

Alhamdulillah, another good news within this week. 

On Wednesday, 7 March 2012 there was the Dean Awards Ceremony for 
Faculty Of Leadership And Management

Alhamdulillah, this is my second time I got the Dean List 

"Ayah & Ibu"
This is my present for both of you

Praise be to Allah Taala for giving me 4.00 flat for all subjects during the Imtihan for the 3rd semester. 

"Ya Allah, jadikan aku hamba-Mu yang sentiasa bersyukur di atas segala nikmat kurniaan-Mu dan bersederhana dalam setiap keadaan. Janganlah Engkau jadikan aku hamba yang kufur nikmat. Jauhkan aku dari sifat ujub, riak dan takbur serta segala sifat mazmumah"

Lastly, Alhamdulillah once again. 

Alf Mabruk kepada kawan-kawan kerana berjaya dalam Imtihan lepas dan kita masih dapat meneruskan pengajian semester ini. 
Students of Akidah And Religion Studies 

My housemates PT 5853,
A very special thanks to all of you 
Hope our love last and never die

Alf Mabruk to both of my sisters Azura Binti Klem and Azmul Aliya Hamidah for the excellent result. Also you Siti Noordiana, our beloved friend. 

So, what I got from the Leadership Camp,

I hope that I will Istiqamah on it. How to be myself, how to lead myself and how to be an excellent student. 

Even, there's a lot of work to do 

"Assignment + Lecture + Tutorial + Programmes + Sports" 
Never give up Rafezza Fetheri. 
"Sekiranya terdapat 1000 orang yang cemerlang, akulah salah seorang yang cemerlang itu,
Sekiranya terdapat 100 orang yang cemerlang, akulah salah seorang yang cemerlang itu,
Sekiranya terdapat 10 orang yang cemerlang, akulah salah seorang yang cemerlang itu,
Sekiranya terdapat hanya 1 orang yang cemerlang, akulah orang yang cemerlang itu."
~Imam Al-Ghazali~

Jadi jangan tunggu lagi, 
Jadikan diri kita orang yang bermotivasi jangan umpamakan diri dengan roti basi
Motivasi = Motif + Action
p/s : Walaupun banyak kerja, have a rest plan a stage do it systematic. So, hope our life is successful. GooD Luck everyone. Have a nice day. Keep smiling. (^_^)
                                                                                              Salam sayang,   

Thank You For Reading My Entry.♥ it, Please Like.

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