Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Assalamualaikum my beloved reader, 
My warmest thanks and appreciation to all of you 
My friends from PERWADAH
From TAD 1 & TAD 2
We made it successful. 
Our retreat camp 
During the last weekend 
From 28 Until 30 October 2011

In this year,
I got two birthday presents
Therefore, I got three type of cakes 
A special thanks to my housemates and Asyikin for their special gifts
For remembering my special day
It was 22 years ago on 27 October 1989

For me
This is my second birthday present 
I'm celebrating my birthday 
By having a Retreat camp with my dear friends
It's a special gift
There are many new things that we shared together
Our precious moment
Our experiences
It's quite interesting 
Such as
High rope activity .. night walk .. jungle tracking .. 
Even I knew not every one like to do this kind of activities
I love that 
Because I do love challenging activities since I was in primary school

Our first day ... The sceneries around the Sri Raudhah Camp

Focus !!! Focus !!! Focus !!! Actually we're hungry.

Praise be to Allah we still have a place to sleep, right ? Even it's not really comfortable but it's much better. 
Learn to Bersyukur  (^_^)
Gain our forbearance 
Accept what people gives to us and keep smiling =)
Am I right ?

 High rope's place

 Really really hungry .. =) Give us the food ...Gggrrrrr .....

It's beautiful right ? SubhanAllah ..  I'm a nature lover
It makes me always think about Allah and His creation in this universe
No one can create like what He does
Allah is Almighty

If I could swim but this river is not really deep .. It's not suitable to swim around here.
Just keep walking in the river 

We call it Jalan Tikus. 
Even some of us feel very scare to do this. 
But Alhamdulillah every one try on it. 
It's quite challenging.

 Never give up. "Agik Idup Agik Ngelaban" ... 
Sarawak mari 
Keep walking and smiling =)

Scenery of Sri Raudhah Camp, Gombak  from the top

It's beautiful right ?
I mean the scenery .. the nature .. 
SubhanAllah ... Allah Is Almighty
He created this beautiful nature ... Praise be to Him

However, unexpected thing happened
I'm fainted in the middle of the jungle
Actually I have a fever and I'm gastric at that time

It's my fault
 I never had this experience yet
Fainted in the jungle
It's quite funny
At the same time, it's quite terrifying
It's horrified
I should thank to Allah Taala
Praise be to Him for saving me ... Alhamdulillah
I don't know I'm alive or not if I'm fainted while I'm climbing to the top of the hill
I knew maybe not all of  familiar with the challenging activities
But believes me, 
It's our precious experience. 

My dear friends
Perhaps we could arrange the  next Retreat Camp for our junior 
Much better than what we've got from the camp
What we got
Just we accept it
We appreciate it and think positive about it
We must always realize 
We keep the Amanah and Responsibility 
To protect our Ummah
With our knowledge we could help the society
As they need us
TAD 1 & TAD 2
We made it. 
We made our Retreat Camp Successful.
It's Al-FALAH for ourselves. 
Always remember who we are 
We Are
My group members 
Still remember our trade mark
" It's ok it's alright, Kami Mumtaz Fight, Fight Fight "

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