Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wish For Happiness

Hi reader,
Something that I feel just now. I'm not fine at all. I don't know why, but honestly I can't calm myself. But I try too.. Islam the true religion teach us the right way to Sirathol mustaqim to be a very good Muslim. It's my ambition  to be a good Muslimah. Since I knew my religion, I promise to myself that I will be a good Muslimah and I wish that I could do that till the end.

What I wanna share today.. It's about my life..  Something that I can't bear it alone.
When.. My heart is hurt..

When my tears.. couldn't stop...

When.. I'm losing my hope..

It's all about love. Love ? Of course people will think about marriage..Something which is too beautiful.. Give from Allah.. Marriage is to build "Usrah SAKINAH MARDHATILLAH"

What a wonderful life. As Islam put a guide on how to choose our life partner, therefore.. just now.. sometime I felt very regretted with what I've done before. 
My fault is.. I love someone whose betrayed me.. 
I don't expected it's hard for me today.

It's all about love. About the person that I love since 8 years ago. It's ashame that I fall in love with someone. I try to stop this feeling since I knew him, but I couldn't. 
That's why.. 
Everyday, ba'da solat, I wish that I could give happiness to my parents and the person that I love. 
I recite my doa' 5 times per day , as I wish

اللهم ارزقني زوجا صالحا  وهو ( اسم حب قلبي ) وجعلني زوجة صليحة اليه

Ya Allah, please show me a very good husband and please guide me to be a very good wife for him ( in the future )

Today, I feel like I'm not myself anymore.
Lately, I feel like I wanna cry.. It's not easy to stop my tears..
I can't focus on my study.. But I still try.. Even, it's hard for me. 
Because I know, Allah is giving me an examination.. 

After a few month we're separated because of our responsibility. I'm studying just now and he's working. For a few month, I guess for the half years.. We never meet each other.. but still.. we contact with each other.. 

But.. something happened..that I couldn't stand it anymore. 
How could, he said that I already have someone.. 
I knew that he has somebody else. Even he don't confess the truth with me.
I ask for your help, Ya Allah.. 
Please Ya ALLAH,help me to be strong in this situation. 
It's hard for me..
My heart.. it's like a thorn deep in my heart. I feel like my heart want to explode..
Sometime, I couldn't bear it. I can't stand.

I wish that, he's my Imam in the future and.. I wish that we can 
" Bercinta Sampai Ke Syurga" 

But, maybe it just stop until here.. Or still forever.. 
Only ALLAH Taala..Allah Almighty..know everything.
But still, I pray for him. Because.. it's not easy to put out this feeling.
In Malay said, "Cinta Sejati Paduan Dua HATI"
Tp Hanya Cinta Allah Kekal Abadi

Ya Allah,please guide me.. Please show me the way.

I don't want to destroy myself. But, just now I'm not strong enough to face this situation.

Because, I promise that I must successful in my study.. I knew my parents need me..

Therefore, ibu & ayah.. thanks for always be with me.. Along Ijam & kak Angah.. thanks for always comforting me and give me a support. I'll try.. but as long as I can..but I don't know until when..I can bear this thing. I'm weak..

Ya Allah..

I wish for my happiness..

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