Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Afiqah

Hi reader, 
This post I write for my bestfriend.. Afiqah Binti Mustapa as she's studying in UIAM just now. I hope that we ( Nabilah and I )  can see you and Nieys Manja. We miss both of you. Even we're not studying in the same university, I hope that our friendship still remain and never can end. Yes.. Friend remain and never can end.. 
Friendship forever..
Dear Afiqah, 
Happy birthday.. sweet sour 22 .. Do you ?
May Allah Taala bless you
May all your dream come true
Remember me always..
Remember our special moment together
Remember that we love you my DEAR friend 

Happy birthday to you.. happy birrthday to you.. Love you with all our heart. Take care.
Salam ukhuwwah mahabbah fillah

Remember that, 
Some "ONE" is loving you,
Caring for you,

Watching over you,

Protecting you, 

Who ?

Allah Taala 

Happy birthday dear Afiqah Mustapa.. Love you my friend

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