Friday, June 24, 2011

All My Life

I will never found another lover
 Sweeter than you
I will never found another lover
More precious than you

Cause you are...
  Close to me you like my mother
Close to me you like my father
Close to me you like my sister
   Close to me you like my brother

You're the only one my everything
And for you my special one
All my life 
I pray for someone like you
And I thank Allah
That I
 That I finally found you

All my life
I pray for someone like you
And I hope that you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do love me too

 You said your promise
You never fall in love with a stranger 

Hi reader, 
Lately, I'm not feeling very well. Because of what ? I think that its better if you just read what I said before. You'll understand. 
Heart broken ? Yes I'm. Yes. I do.
Well I wonder could it be
When I was dreaming about you
You're dreaming of me
Call me crazy
Call me blind
To still be suffering is stupid for all of this time
Did I lose my love to someone better 
And then she loves you like I do
I do
I really really do
So much I need to say
The day you went away
So sad but true
For me there is only you
Been lonely since the day  
The day you went away 

I know its not good to be like this. Please forgive me ya Allah. I'm weak. I need your love, Allah. 
Deep in my heart, I'm so sick just now.
Since, I can't do my job. I can't focus. I can't 
And I still can't
Live happily
I can't lie to myself
As I'm pretending to be nothing
Is this the price that I need to pay for 
That I really need in my life
That I've done a lot of things
For him
That I always looking at him
I've made a lot of sacrifices
Just for him
Even, I'm far
Far far away from him
I always pray for his happiness
I pray for his goodness

Therefore, Allah please give me a strength. I need your guide. Please teach me to be stong. Be more forbearance.

Every night, I try harder. Keep performing the prayer. I wake up with hope that Allah gives me a peace deep in my heart.
Hope that, I can release my tears.. my burden.. in front of Him.
Allah Almighty.

SubhanaAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akhbar

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