Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm proud to be Malaysian


Hi my beloved reader, title today ? I'm proud to be Malaysian. Yes, of course. But, it's not my goal my point on what I'm saying just now. I'm proud to be an IKMASIAN.. Sorry.. I'm forgot to introduce.. IKMAS stand for Institut Kemahiran Islam Malaysia Sarawak..even now I'm Usim student. However, I'm proud to be both of them. A part from them.. Because of what ? Let's see....

Alhamdulillah.. today I wanna share something wif all of you. It's not a big thing. But it's so special to me. Long time ago, when I was diploma student, I thing that it's better if the time pass quickly. I wanna finish my study. But now, I miss that moment. I miss the moment and experiences that I gained before. 

Therefore, today..

I read.. IKMAS had MOU with Darul Quran for Diploma Tahfiz Quran And Da'wah. Alhamdulillah, long time ago, my friend and I only had 6 juzu' of Al-Quran. Alhamdulillah, now..there will be more student of IKMAS will become Al-Hafiz / Al-Hafizah.. So, I'm proud least Sarawak just now also had a special centre to train and provide a specific place for studying Al-Quran. Because..only Sarawak don't has any Tahfiz Centre and that's why I truly support this programme. I hope that one day, I could go back to Ikmas, even just for a while... I wanna teach the student with the knowledges that Allah gave.. especially in Akidah as I'm the Akidah's student in USIM.

So, for those who're still studying in IKMAS.. I hope all of you will use the oppurtunity to find and enrich your knowledges.. For those, who doesn't know about IKMAS.. I hope that you will know about IKMAS one day.. For those who were IKMAS ex-student.. I hope that, just verifying our heart.. thing positive and remember our beautiful moment in IKMAS..this..especially for the 8 batch of IKMAS. Forget all the bad things..we've known each other since we're in Semester One.. and I'll always miss that moment.. 

Before that, thanks to all the lecturers and also my friends.. I hope that we will see each other one day.. and bring out together the successful and happiness. Kejayaan Pasti Bersama IKMAS. 

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