Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unexpected.... We won... Congratulation BAD 2..

Assalamualaikum.. hi.. my beloved reader..
Sleeping time just now.. Isn't it ?
 But I want to share my happiness.. 

Last Friday, there's an event for our arabic subject and we call it
" امسية ثقافية "
The match between 

 FKP ( Faculty Of Leadership And Management ) 
FEM ( Faculty Of Economic And Muamalat )
FKP is deputized 
BAB 1, BAB 2, BAC, BAD 1 and my class BAD 2.  

While FEM,is deputized 
BMA 1, BMA 2, BMA 3, BMC 2 and BMD.  

The event took place in DKP 3 ( Dewan Kuliah Pusat 3 ) & DKP 4

 Ba'da solatul jumaat..

There were 5 categories during the event such as...

Boria, Tamsil ( acting ), dikir arab ( Not Dikir Barat ), Arabic Debate and last but no least we also have Kalam Jama'ie ( Arabic Choral Speaking ).. 

Btw, my special thanks to my beloved friend especially Dear, Jaja, Zaffy, Nadz.. thanks for coming and giving me  your support..  

All BAD 2.. and BAD 1 group... 

ALHAMDULILLAH.. We made our dream became reality..

We won the Dikir Arab Competition, right?

So, congratulation to ourself.. 

My class.. BAD 2.. 
Smile =D
It's ok it's alright.. we WON it.. Alhamdulillah..  

P/S : Later, I'll upload our video..So, my patient ok! It's already late.. That's all.. Nite.. Assalamualaikum..

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Itqan Group " It's ok it's alright, ITQAN MUMTAZ Fight ! Fight ! Fight !

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning.. 
Hi beloved reader...
Today, I wanna share something.. Last three weeks.. My friend and I joined Perwadah's programme. PERWADAH stand for Persatuan Mahasiswa Akidah And Agama. Alhamdulillah, we made this programme became reality. 
The story begin with my group member.. It's funny when we made our banner. It should be PERWADAH INTERFAME but.. what happened ? We're wrong. We put PERWADAH INTERFRAME..
it's quiet funny, right ?
So, the lesson from here is.. We should listen carefully if people are talking to us. Don't just ignore the instruction. See... INTERFAME became INTERFRAME

From this programme, we can take the oppurtunity to know each other closely between BAD 1 and BAD 2. Therefore,we're divided into 5 groups and we're having some activities.
It's a lovely day & everyone were happy.
Praise to Allah Taala.

PERWADAH INTERFRAME ... haha.. actually it should be PERWADAH INTERFAME

It's me.. & Radz..

This is Syura Group Members.. Ila, Syu, Radz, Cik Yat.. KEEP SMILING =D

Maria Qibtiyah's Group..... Suha, Ina, Anis, Aida and Izzah.. Chaiyok ! 

Wow.. the pinky group.. Teha, K.Dayah, Che Man, Syikin & last but no least Anna =D.. 

Don't know how to describe... Colourful one.. Ruby, Rafe, Gee, Aina & Ayu.. 

The Most Cheerful Group..  

 "Sehati Sejiwa"

Go ! Go ! Maria Qibtiyah

Don't know how to describe... 

 Baris... luruskan barisan... Acara baling belon berair.... 

Ni.. apa kes ??? Nasi xda... mkn tepung...

Who will be the no 1 ???

Of course.. ITQAN is the best.. No 1 =) 

Syukran.. ust Wan Mohd Fazrul.. 

That was a very special moment.. a precious moment.. 
I hope so.. 
Salam Ukhuwwah.. Mahabbah Fillah..

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bring You Our Green Gadget 2011

Hi reader,

Assalamualaikum.. haha.. wanna say good morning... but suddenly.. it's already 12.30 p.m. Today, wanna share something with all of you. It's about our magazine named Green Gadget. Actually my friend and I need to finish our ICT assignment.. it's interesting right ? To do your own magazine. So, here we present you our magazine..

Our front page... 

Back Page

Green Gadget Team.... Razi, Dear, Jaja, Boo2, Nadz, FeRa, Ina

Special Acknowledgement....
USB Warm Blanket...

Water Proof Watch Camera.. with mp3..

Besta.. E-Dictionary..special edition

USB Mini Fridge

Click & Dial Via Skype Mouse

Amazing.... brought to you.. 3 in 1 gadget pen
Auto Wudhu Washer.... With dryer... 100 % computer technology
Famous artists signature.....

The cutest signature... =D hehe...

Happy .... =D coz... we made our magazine... become reality...

So...that's all.. Btw, thanks guys... Alhamdulillah we made our magazine become reality... 

Green Gadget 2011

"The More You Read, The More You Get"

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