Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seriously.. Do I need A Title..

Hi reader ! Assalamualaikum.. 

Alhamdulillah.. we still alive today as Allah give us His Rahmah and Nikmat... it's about time.. and I don't have free time to update my blog.. if my blog is like a food.. maybe there's a spider, an ant.. would come here..  huhu..Ok..that's just my introduction for today.. I need a title ?.. Don't know what is the suitable title..   =)

There are so many things that happened around this two weeks.. Alhamdulillah... the first thing.. I wanna say congratulation to my FKP netball team. At least we can win 2 match.. and the best thing, we can improve ourselves during games. But, the most important thing.. we known each other. Thanks for the precious moment that we shared together. After this game, don't say good bye..but please say Hi Hi... or's better, right? Special thanks to Cik Ain, Kak Eina & FKP's administration.

Special thanks to Cin Ain & Eina Sis,
If there's any mistake..

Our precious moment..
Kak Asmat, Kak Adah, Kak Mufid, Kak Tiqah, Kak Ain, Kak Fida, Baizura, Nabila, Ayu, Kak Wani, Nadz... 

Friend Remains And Never Can Be End Forever 

Happy..   =)

And..yesterday... Alhamdulillah. already gone my uneasy feeling.. already gone.. nervous.. already present my
role play.. Ya, perhaps it will be as well and I know I can do well.. From DKU FPQS we present you our role play and the title is The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...haha..that's my job as the narrator of the story.. also I became Dr Hastie Lanyon. Actually, I really like that Dr Jekyll's story.Alhamdulillah, I'm a lucky person, thanks Prof for giving me an oppurtunity to act and I can cope with my acting. And the most best thing, Alhamdulillah, I also got the best presenter/actress for my group. Congratulations to Razif, Faradilla, Fa'izzah and Farhana for the best acting. But today is quiet funny. In English class, we just laugh and laugh when we watch the video of our acting... So far, so good..  Alhamdulillah.

There's a lot of thing that I wanna share..'s about time.. so just end it here.. Assalamualaikum..

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