Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweet Sour 22

Hi reader !

22 years ago on 22 February 1989... someone special was born.. 

Just wanna share something.. ya.. something that is important.. last but no least.. 

Happy belated birthday to my friend Noor Afizah Binti Zamuri..May ALLAH bless you

and may you success in your life dunia & akhirat.. Wanna sing just a little bit

Happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you..

happy birthday to J@J@..  SHere this is your present... 

Just look at it.. Don't eat ya..

Don't shout Fizah.. even ko terharu dengan kek aku yg sedap 

The yellow're getting old.. hehe.. Don't be mad ok..

Nice pic.. The yellow girl.. who's she ? Of course she's the birthday girl.. 

My dear, redin colour.. and Zaf.. looking at me...why ? 

Ow.. come on, Zaf.. don't be too serious.. haha... 

actually, after ICT class we just went to Acacia's restaurant.. 

This picture took place

 in Bonda Restaurant.. If I'm not mistaken.. 

Lauk pauk kat atas ni gimik je.. huhu.. ada lagi.. ikan x sampai.. sayur kailan ikan

masin xda..apalagi ya.. Alhamdulillah, kenyang dan berkat makan ramai2...

The best thing, they are two special guests.. hehe.. siapa lagi kalu bukan Fera dgn

Nad.. huhu.. perasan.. Taking picture together.. A very great moment.. 

remember Jaja.. never forget it.. 

Hopefully, you're happy on that day.. by the way, thanks for becoming our driver.. eheh.. don't be mad.. Just kidding.. 

Thanks for everything.. If you feel very sad.. remember not to be like this.. 

Don't be sad like me.. I'm not cute anymore.. 

 So, make yourself happy.. my friend.. Never forgot me.. as Friend Remains And Never Can Be End.

Thank You For Reading My Entry.♥ it, Please Like.

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