Sunday, February 20, 2011

Special To You My Dear

Assalamualaikum.. Dear.. Sorry I'm late my birthday girl.. It's already a week ago.. but 

dear.. I still wanna say happy birthday to you my dear.. may Allah bless you dunia


Here!.. take your cake..  =) 

Nyum..nyum.. delicious.. 

Dear.. hehe  =) 

Please keep smiling   =)

You're good to me,
And so do I, 
Thanks for being my friend,
I really appreciate it.

You and me are good friend
You and me are close friend
So, be my friend forever. 

If there's anything wrong happen,
Just let me know,
If not,
I'm not your true friend, 
Right ?

Why ?
 Because a good friend,
Is a caring person,
People says "Sharing is caring"
Am I right ?

If I'm right, 
Say in your heart 100 times..
"Yes, you're right dear.."
Haha.. juz a joke..

I wanna sleep,
I feel very sleepy,
So, good night dear..
That's all from me..   =) 

Remember me owez 

Friend Remain And Never Can Be End
( F.R.A.N.C.E 4EVA)

Special dedicated to : Sharifah Fatimah Zahra Binti Syed Hashim 

She was born on 14 February 1989 

P/s : Please keep smiling after you read my journal dear.. hehe 

Kpd Fizah@Jaja, Nad & Zaf.. sabar ya.. birthday korang x tiba lg.. 

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