Monday, January 17, 2011

My Journey To The North

Da sampai Kedah..
Kat Penang.. but not sure.. what is this place ?
Assalamualaikum everybody.. nice to see all of u again.. Ya.. I'm quiet happy.. actually... What a very interesting weekend that I had last saturday and sunday..  Ya... I had a journey to the north peninsular of Malaysia. Haha.. I'm proud to be Malaysian. On Friday, I started my journey to Raub, Pahang with Atiqah and Fizah. Actually, there's wedding ceremony in Kedah that we had to attend. Atiqah's sister was married. Atiqah's brother in law is Kedahian.  

Alhamdulillah, at least I could come to the north states in Peninsular Of Malaysia. I can use this oppurtunity to get rest.. and I can see the most beautiful scenery during the journey. SubhanaAllah.. I can see the Kedah paddy field..with green and yellow gold in colour. Then, I could reach Penang Bridge.. then.. Btw.. thanks and a lot of syukran to Atiqah and her family.. for their kindness. May Allah bless Atiqah and her family.

It's my dream.. To go to every states in Malaysia. This is because I wanna learn and know many things about my country. Ya.. sempat having time at Pekan Rabu. So, I bought some souvenirs for my beloved person.. my friends..

Sometimes, when I see a wedding ceremony.. I wanna have a husband.. a very good husband that can keep an eye on me.. care about me and our children in the future. Ya.. talk about marriage that doesn't mean that I'm very excited to get marriage but I really2 hope that I will built a "USRAH SAKINAH MARDHATILLAH" in the future. Ya Allah, please bless my doa'. Haha.. keep talking about the other things.. Actually, this is what I feel when I attended the wedding ceremony.. Ok.. keep silent on it.. and smiling...

Alhamdulillah, last night by 7.15 pm...lastly I arrived in my campus, Usim. Ya..what a very interesting journey to me..

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Anonymous said...

k.fera..its me syafiqah..hehe
wah..g kedah ea..siap g pekan rabu lg..huhu..
btw,nice blog!

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